Microsoft Azure Cloud

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    What is Cloud? and What is Microsoft Azure ?

    How Cloud is different then normal internet server.

    Three parts of Azure Cloud

    Registering with Azure portal

    Accessing Virtual Machine of Azure [optional]

    Getting Started with Azure Management Portal

    Getting familiar with Visual Studio 2013

    Creating new webapp using azure portal

    Deploying simple MVC application using visual studio

    Creating new SQL server Database on Cloud and connecting to it

    Accessing data in to cloud based MVC application

    Creating New VM with windows server 2012 R2 OS using management portal

    Dealing with Azure VM and Cloud Service and Disks attached with that.

    Deleting Azure VM and attached disk and other resources with that

    Creating New VM with windows server 2012 R2 OS using New Azure Portal

    Understanding Scenario Of this Module

    Creating Three Virtual Machines on Azure

    Attaching and Configuring Data Disk with SQL Server VM

    Configure SQL Server and Adding Database in that.

    Configuring Load Balance Set with Specific Port

    Install and configure IISVM1

    Configuring CloudShop Application On IISVM1 and IISVM2

    Checking Final Output at Client Side


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